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GTO 2x Shorty Barlow - 1.25"

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Brand GTO
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    1. urban_astro

      urban_astro New Member

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      Jun 20, 2009

      3.0 Cheap barlow


      Inexpensive (under $30 back then). Lens can be screwed into binoviewer or eyepiece.


      Softened images (back then). Spend a little more for much better.


      The 2x GTO barlow lens was the first barlow I had ever purchased, back in the late 90's. My opinion may be biased and perhaps dated since Chinese optics have drastically improved in QC since then.

      The optics seemed ok for its use, but when paired up with an Orthoscopic eyepiece there were better results to be had (albeit less comfortable eye relief) using a shorter focus Ortho without the barlow. I didn't really realize that there were better barlows to be had until I acquired an Intes 2.4x barlow and compared it to the GTO. The Intes was noticeably sharper.

      The GTO does have one thing going for it besides price. The lens assembly can be unscrewed from the barlow tube and screwed into the nosepiece of a binoviewer.

      Bottom line: Even if quality on cheap barlows made in China or Taiwan is better today, you are far better off saving up just a little (say $50-$75) for a really good one that you will keep forever, because it's that much better.

      An Intes, Celestron Ultima, or Antares barlow lens is a far better investment in that price range.

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