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Eyepiece Container Compatibility

Agena Bolt cases are available in 10 sizes to fit most eyepieces and many other accessories, Agena's high quality cases are made of polypropylene plastic and have hex ends so they don't roll when put down on a flat surface. These cases open and close with a twist motion and can be adjusted in length.

We have put together a compatibility database of all of the eyepieces Agena AstroProducts currently carries. With the help of the Astronomy Connect community we hope together we can fill in the gaps and include eyepieces, barlows, and other astronomy accessories that may fit each of these containers.

NameBrandBolt Case Size

How to select a bolt case for your eyepiece

Measure the maximum diameter (usually the upper part of the eyepiece barrel) and length of your eyepiece. Then select the closest bolt case that is slightly larger than both these dimensions by using this bolt case dimension and eyepiece compatibility table. Note that the first number in bolt case model refers to the maximum inner diameter and the second number refers to its minimum inner length (without foam inserts). The inner length is variable for all bolt cases. Here's an example. Let's assume that you measure the diameter of an eyepiece to be 34mm and its length to be 70mm. In this case, the 37x60 bolt case would work well.

We include 2 pieces of 9mm thick polyethylene foam inserts for the top and bottom of each case for extra eyepiece protection - a feature unmatched by many others. You can also purchase extra foam inserts for shorter eyepieces or for bolt cases purchased elsewhere.

Bolt Case Dimensions

Bolt Case Size Inside Diameter Length (w/o foam)
37x60mm 37mm (1.4") 60mm (2.4") - 80mm (3.1")
42x60mm 42mm (1.7") 60mm (2.4") - 90mm (3.5")
42x80mm 42mm (1.7") 80mm (3.1") - 130mm (5.1")
52x80mm 52mm (2.0") 80mm (3.1") - 130mm (5.1")
52x120mm 52mm (2.0") 120mm (4.7") - 205mm (8.0")
65x50mm 65mm (2.6") 50mm (2.0") - 75mm (3.0")
65x80mm 65mm (2.6") 80mm (3.1") - 130mm (5.1")
65x120mm 65mm (2.6") 120mm (4.7") - 200mm (7.9")
85x120mm 85mm (3.3") 120mm (4.7") - 195mm (7.7")
105x120mm 105mm (4.9") 125mm (4.9") - 190mm (7.5")