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Springer: The Observer`s Sky Atlas: With 50 Star Charts Covering the Entire Sky

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By E. Karkoschka; Now in its 3rd ed., 2007, 165 p., Softcover ISBN: 978-0-387-48537-9


5.0 (Based on 1 Reviews) 100% of reviewers recommended this product.
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    1. zanti-misfit

      zanti-misfit New Member

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      Sep 11, 2009

      5.0 GET THIS ATLAS!!!


      So well made and helpful that it's nearly perfection.


      I only wish it were spiral bound (nitpicking)


      I found out about this book when I was searching the internet for a good atlas. I found Sky and Telescope's Pocket Atlas, a must have imo but I also found people recommending this book as a companion guide. I researched it a bit and decided to order one. A very smart move on my part believe me. This book ROCKS!!

      This book was designed to be used from the unaided eye up to an 8" telescope. It contains all 110 Messier objects plus another 140 additional nebulae with similar characteristics. Perfect for my needs. While the S&K Star Guide covers over 1500 deep sky objects, a majority of those are not going to be visible with my 8" dob.

      The way this book is written is much like a well written song. It flows from one section to the next in perfect harmony. Everything is tied into each other, so it is easy to find anything and everything you're looking for. It even includes photos of the 250 listed nebulae for easy cross reference. Incredible!!

      The maps themselves are so well done you can't help but find what you're looking for. The right page has the map, with exploded shots of important areas, while the left side is loaded with information about each object of importance. It's so handy and informative.

      Also, the author himself viewed every object in the book using tools ranging from his own eyes to a 4-8 inch scope and then briefly commented on each object. Ranging from what you'll expect to see, how hard to spot, if a filter is needed, what you'll need to view it, etc. I can't emphasize enough how much this book truly helps when out in the field looking at stuff.

      I've read this advice before and I'll pass it on to everyone who reads this. Karkoschka's Sky Atlas works wonders, and sits right along side Sky & Telescope's Pocket Sky Atlas when I'm researching indoors or viewing outdoors. I highly recommend that you get them BOTH! The price is reasonable. You will not be sorry. I love this book big time!!

      I only wish it had been spiral bound for even easier access. If they make a 4th edition I'll be buying that one too, either way. MUST HAVE for 4-8" scope users in particular, but well made and designed to be used by all. You can't go wrong with this atlas! An incredible gem!!

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