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Farpoint 1.25-2" Laser Collimator, 532nm Green Laser

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Brand Farpoint Astronomical
Part Number FP230

Product Info

Manufacturer Description

Farpoint's new 1-1/4" - 2" combination single beam laser collimator.
- Body Color: Magenta
- Laser: 532nm green
- Recommended Usage: Collimation in twilight conditions or after dark.

Farpoint manufactures high precision laser collimators in three wavelengths. The wavelengths available are 650nm (dark red), 635nm (brighter red), and 532 nm (bright green) based on how bright the customer wants their laser to be. The deep sky enthusiast generally wants the least obtrusive laser (650nm), so it can be used to touch up collimation through the night, without disturbing their colleagues. The 635nm laser can be used at twilight or later. The 535 nm can be used even in bright sunlight, and can double as a very effective celestial laser pointer after dark. The anodized finish is beautiful, and is color-coded to reflect the wavelength of the laser for those who may own more than one unit.

These lasers are CNC machined to the highest mechanical tolerances we know of in the industry. They fit 1-1/4" or 2" quality focusers without need for an adapter ring. They are collimated to be orthogonal to the face of the collimator body to better than 10 arc seconds of coaxial alignment. Farpoint's design to hold the laser diode in place is so strong that they can be dropped or otherwise abused (short of explosives!) without affecting the mechanical collimation. They include a lifetime warrantee on the collimation, and Farpoint will re-collimate or recheck them at no cost (less return shipping) upon request.


4.0 (Based on 1 Reviews) 100% of reviewers recommended this product.
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      Review by litebkt of Mariposa, CA.
      Jan 6, 2011

      4.0 It's pretty much the only choice.


      Strong Construction,Compact



      This is pretty much the only choice for reticle eyepieces and for finder scopes. And it is only available here. I did purchase another brand a while back that had a flashing feature but it was big, bulky, and broke after first use.

      It would be nice for these things to turn off automatically after a few hours of non use. I just can't seem to remember to turn them off and I'm always replacing batteries.

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