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Burgess Optical Bino-Lite 20mm

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Brand Burgess Optical
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4.0 (Based on 1 Reviews) 100% of reviewers recommended this product.
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    1. cosmic109

      cosmic109 New Member

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      Sep 21, 2007

      4.0 Burgess Optical Bino-Lite 20mm


      Good construction; Light weight design; Very sharp; Reversible barrel


      May be difficult to find.


      These 20mm Burgess Bino-Lite eyepieces are sold singularly, but they are usually found in pairs on most web sites ( found mine on Ebay) and are made to specifically fit the Burgess binocular viewer. They are very light in weight, hence the "lite" in the name, and a three element design that also helps keep the weight down. All air to glass surfaces are multi-coated and lens edges are blackened. Not sure about eye relief, but should be average for a 20mm plossl design, with maybe a FOV of around 50 degrees. Another interesting feature is the reversible barrels that allows the user to place the undercut on the barrel in two different positions. You can place the undercut at the top, immediately below the ocular section, or at the bottom of the entire eyepiece itself. This is said to aid in finding the best gripping position when inserting the unit into a diagonal.

      When used with a 2X OCA, the 20mm becomes 10mm and the magnification is increased. With the Binolites and the Burgess binoviewer, plus a Celestron C80ED, views of the moonscape near the terminator were absolutely breathtaking! No color, no distortions, and tack sharp. Views of Jupiter were also very sharp, but observing the moon is where this setup really shines.

      If you have a binoviewer and would like to have a nice pair of light weight 20mm eyepieces, I highly recommend the Burgess Optical Bino-Lites.

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