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Blue Fireball 2" Extension Tube with 50mm Extension, Dual Thumbscrews, and Brass Compression Ring

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Brand Blue Fireball
Part Number S-11014

Product Info

Manufacturer Description

This high-quality Blue Fireball extension tube can be inserted into any 2" telescope focuser to gain an additional 50mm (1.97") of back-focus travel. With this, eyepieces and accessories that you may not have been able to use because your telescope tube was too short are usable again!

Lack of sufficient back-focus travel is a common problem with many of today's fast f-ratio telescopes, especially if you have a low profile focuser or a short telescope tube that is optimized for binoviewer viewing. The 50mm extension tube alleviates this problem. This tube can also be used with 1.25" accessories with the use of commonly available 2"-1.25" adapters (not included).

This practical and inexpensive adapter is made from precision machined aluminum. It includes a brass compression ring that clamps around the inserted eyepiece or accessory. Because the 2 set-screws do not come in direct contact with your eyepiece or diagonal, its barrel will not be scratched or dented. Threaded for standard 2" filters; Total length = 81mm (3.19"), Extension provided = 50mm (1.97"), Weight = 5.2 oz.


4.0 (Based on 1 Reviews) 100% of reviewers recommended this product.
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      Review by litebkt of Mariposa, CA.
      Jan 6, 2011

      4.0 It's pretty much the only choice.


      Strong Construction,Compact



      This is pretty much the only choice for reticle eyepieces and for finder scopes. And it is only available here. I did purchase another brand a while back that had a flashing feature but it was big, bulky, and broke after first use.

      It would be nice for these things to turn off automatically after a few hours of non use. I just can't seem to remember to turn them off and I'm always replacing batteries.

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