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2019 - What new classics did you acquire this year?

Discussion in 'Vintage Telescopes & Equipment' started by KeithF, Dec 26, 2019.

2019 - What new classics did you acquire this year?

Started by KeithF on Dec 26, 2019 at 8:56 PM

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  1. KeithF

    KeithF Well-Known Member

    Sep 10, 2015
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    Tucson, Arizona
    This forum has been pretty quiet this year. What classic telescopes have you added to your collection in 2019?

    I was planning on downsizing this year. I started out good by selling my Towa made 60mm Lafayette F-342. Yay! But then I fell off the wagon. I really need to stop checking Craigslist! First, I found a 1959 Soligor 60mm/f20 that was manufactured by the company that was to become known as Royal Astro Optics. This telescope is 100% complete with original accessories. Then I acquired a Unitron 70mm spotting scope, and an Asahi 40mm scope from a friend on the Cloudy Nights forum. At least these two don’t take up much room. :D Then two weeks ago I broke down and bought another Craigslist scope. A 1958 Space Scope 60mm/910mm, that was also manufactured by the same company that made the Soligor. This telescope came without the wooden storage case and accessory tray, but had all the other accessories.

    So this year I was able to get rid of a Towa, and add two RAO’s, a Unitron, and an Asahi. :)

    Soligor 60mm/1200mm
    DF32BDA1-1E55-4D3B-9CE3-ECFA507DCEDC.jpeg A647F83D-1FB1-4929-90E8-C11B566796BA.jpeg 9C76C3AD-7FDC-4513-9FB7-1008A1FC0B9C.jpeg

    Unitron 70mm spotting scope and Asahi Jupiter 40mm

    Space Scope 60mm/910mm
    9745317E-54F4-49ED-AFFE-322371555905.jpeg 6F9CC5B1-5C20-4E29-A58B-97133FD5B735.jpeg 4DD134C1-422F-48C5-B577-AB5CBBC9E9FA.jpeg

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